About (Mai) Farming Mama

Family, Farming and Me

Good day !  I would like to introduce myself as "Farming Mama". I'm 42, married with 3 children 2 girls (22, 19) and a quite funny young man who's my son. And he is 11. I'm a nurse, herbalist, I'm frugal, and a naturalist. I love DIY, sewing, canning, poetry and so much more.  I love to have fun and have a blast with my family. We are very close. I have a grandson who's now 3 1/2 mo and a sweet son-in-law. 

I wasn't always a farmer, I was born and raised in a small town in NJ, I thought about farming, having my own land often as a young girl growing up. Raised by my Nana, I learned many things early, gardening, cooking and washing clothes by hand n hanging them to dry. I was about 8 when she had me standing on the kitchen chair watching her clean n cut greens, fry chicken n baking cakes. At nine I was helping, and by twelve doing it all with or without her.

I enjoyed my time with my grandmother and miss her very much. I'm so grateful to have had a wonderful teacher and role model. 

I'm  thinking  back as I write this and it all brings a smile to my face. I remember wanting to know how it was to be a pioneer, cowgirl, Indian lol.  I always admired the way of life way back when.  Growing crops, fruit n nut trees, baking bread, preserving food, raising live stock and sewing. Things were not always good or buy far easy. We've heard of the droughts, crops not growing, crops eaten by bugs and more.  I love the modest dresses and hats the women wore, the shoes, boots and gloves.

I didn't know how much work it took til a year ago when my husband "Mister Farmer" and I decided to start a small farm for ourselves and also share with our friends and fellow worshipers.  We did have a plan, but it did not always go as planed. We bought the land and it took us just about a year to find a house. Once in our home Mister Farmer immediately bought a sheep and a goat. We had a husky at that time.. She would be around the sheep and goat n not bother them.  Mister Farmer did not fence them in and needless to say they were dinner for the husky . One day we went out to come home and they were. Whelp you get the picture. She is no longer a part of our family. We had no clue she would attack them. "When the cats away the mice will play."

We one time bought sheep and brought them home to mingle with the other animals, we didn't put them in the pen because the others were out. We thought that they would do as the others did. Lmbo!  We were so wrong.  They all (the new ones) made a run for it.. Bolted for the woods. While our established animals (not knowing what the commotion was about) ran right back into the pen thank goodness. So we had a field day catching the new sheep. And we found them all except one.  Mister Farmer bought chickens and they too were free to roam, our neighbors dogs snacked on some of our chickens.  Mister Farmer decided to listen to my pleas and fence the yard and make a chicken pin and run and a larger animal pen. We bought fruit trees and were so proud of their placement.

One evening Mister Farmer decided to let the animals out to forage. And forage they did. All the goats had a nice meal on all our fruit trees.They then were no longer allowed to come out. The run/pen for them is large, there's grass and plenty of trees they can snack on.

Late summer of 2012, Mister Farmer came home with a beautiful Angus. We call her Chocolate,  she's not little anymore, and it's hard to keep her in the pin. She calmly and willingly does what she wants. She listens for the most part but you do not always catch her in time to say, " No, don't eat that ". Or "Shew!!!"  

We have had so many mishaps that we've learned from and are still learning. With all that being said, you plan but it does not always go how you planned it or wanted it. You just have to try again and hope you got it right this time. DON'T GIVE UP!  Continue with your dreams.

I love what I do. I would not trade it in for the world. I know what's in my veggies, fruit and what's in my meat. It's trying and rewarding. 

I'm looking forward to writing to you all and sharing my trials, in and outs, fun times, projects and every day life with you beauty queens.  I'm eager to learn from you all as well. I may have some questions on how to do something now and then.

Also, you do not have to be a pro to get a garden going, start small, grow in pots. Get those hands dirty.

"Don't go through life, Grow through life!" 

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