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Review/Giveaway Policies

Reviews & Giveaways

Review Policies

  1. We do not charge to review a product or service
  2. The items to be reviewed must be the actual product, not a sample size.
  3. Agent agrees that we keep the product(s) for review (review items will not be returned
  4. We reserve the right to decline a review request. 
  5. A product review will be posted within 4-6 weeks of receiving
    the product unless extenuating circumstances cause a delay, in which we
    will contact the company/organization immediately. 
  6. We will give our honest opinions on your product regardless of compensation. 
  7. The product or service (if international) must ALSO be available to residents of the United States or North America 

Giveaway with Review Policies

  1. We do not charge for a giveaway if we also post a review. 
  2. We reserve the right to decline a review/giveaway request. 
  3. The company (the product or service Sponsor) will contact us about the product issued for the review and for the giveaway
  4. Shipping charges are the PR Rep/Company’s responsibility.  We will NOT incur any shipping costs.
  5. The item that is sent for review MUST NOT be the giveaway prize.
  6. Company/Rep agrees to send the winner their giveaway prize and incur the cost of shipping. 
  7. If Company/Rep sends the giveaway prize item to us, Company agrees to cover cost of shipping to the winner of the giveaway.
    Company/Rep agrees to be invoiced cost of shipping to the address of
    winner. Cost of shipping depending upon size, location and USPS rates. 


(NO Review Giveaways)

  1. If you are a company that would just like to host a giveaway, we charge a flat $25 fee to manage the giveaway and promotion on our social media platforms. No exceptions.
  2. The giveaway (if international) must also be available to residents of the United States. 

If you are interested in having us review and/or host a giveaway, please contact us via email: and provide us with the following details

a. What product/service you would like us to review. 
b. Provide a description of the product, value of the item, and if possible a link to the photographed product.
c. Are you interested in us hosting a giveaway for the product?
d. Will you be providing our readers the same product or a different product?
e. Who is the giveaway open to? (please note: it MUST be available to residents of the United States)
f. Any other relevant information (i.e. dates you would like the giveaway to start and end, special entry form options)


winners are chosen randomly using Giveaway Tools forms. Once the
giveaway ends, I will contact the winner and they will have 48 hours to respond. I will send out two emails to let the winners know they won.

In the case, the winner does not respond within this 48 hour time period, I will let them know their prize has been withdrawn (via email) and another winner will be chosen.

the winner(s) confirms their winnings and provides their required
information (mailing information and/or choice of prize, if applicable),
I will send the information directly to you (the sponsor). **Sponsors are responsible for all shipping and handling costs**

About the Reviews

We, at The Go Mamas, attempt to ensure our reviews and giveaways always express excitement in a positive and professional manner. We
do this by writing an honest review post, with an honest opinion of the
product, for our readers, through use of the product. We do request full size
product samples, so we are able to give our readers an accurate description of
the product/service.

No amount of compensation will change our opinions of a
product, the content, topics or posts on this blog.

All products will be reviewed professionally, honestly and respectfully.

we do not “prefer” a product or brand, or the product received is
broken or is malfunctioning, we will contact the company (the product or
service sponsor) first, before posting a negative review. We
do allow the company ample time to either replace a broken product or
malfunctioning product; and/or release our blog from the legal
responsibility of posting a review. If after several attempts of trying to reach the company, we will post a review based on our direct opinion of the products (flaws, malfunctions, et. al.).

Please note: Our
opinions posted on this blog are 100% ours and may differ from our readers. We express our readers have the right to disagree with our posts/reviews, based on their own opinions or use of the product. However,
disrespectful language, vulgar language, racial/religious/gender/etc
slurs are never acceptable and will be deleted and reported immediately.

Our sponsor’s information, social links and all available contact links to the company, along with photos of the product supplied by the company and from our homes; are displayed in our posts. We will sometimes use a company’s description of the product, quotes or mottos/taglines in our posts, to maintain accuracy of the product/service description. We
also provide a professional disclosure on each of the review
posts. Our reviews are shared on all of our social media outlets
including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest
(several times a week) and we are now available to post short reviews on
Amazon, if requested.

you are a company and you are interested in having The Go Mamas review
your product, sponsor and/or host a giveaway for your products, or are
interested in having our blog do a guest post/sponsored post, please feel
free to contact us at

We look forward to working with you!

The Go Mamas Team

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