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Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts/Tweets/Pins

The Go Mamas accept eco-friendly, green, family and health conscious sponsored posts and sponsored tweets from Companies, Company Representatives and Blogger Merchants, as long as they pertain to our blog niche, its content and it’s followers.

Sponsored posts are designated for Companies and Blogger Merchants who have links in their listing and/or offer compensation for
posting about their product/service.

Guest posts are reserved for independent writers and independent bloggers without businesses who write about guest post topics that interest them and want to create awareness to their audience.

According to Google regulations, all sponsored post links (posts where
the blogger receives compensation) must have the ‘rel=nofollow’
attribute. We comply with Google rules and regulations and trust that
your business is honest and will comply also. No exceptions.

Approved postings/tweets are at the discretion of The Go Mamas team.

Sponsored Post Pricing:

300 words or less ($75.00)
350-500 words ($100.00)
550-700 words ($150.00)
750-850 words ($200.00)

Sponsored Tweet & Pinterest Pricing:

140 characters* ($20.00 per tweet  or pin requested)

*Please note that Twitter limits tweets to 140 characters, the post will be limited, attention grabbing and include a link of your choice
(Company page, Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter account or Event page).

Please allow 2-3 weeks
for a Sponsored non-prewritten article to be completed and one week for
prewrittern article to be posted. Please allow up to one week for your
Sponsored Twitter post to be posted. A Final draft will be sent to
sponsor for approval and minor editing. For twitter, a link of the
posted tweet will be sent to your contact company address. 


If you would like The Go Mamas to host a Sponsored Post/Tweet/Pin/Facebook post or Tumblr, please feel free to email us for more information at

For sponsored posts, a final draft will be sent to sponsor for approval and any minor editing necessary. For twitter posts, a link and copy of the posted tweet will be sent to your company’s contact address.

All payments must be sent via Paypal BEFORE the article will be written. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the article to be completed. Only ONE article or tweet will be written per request. If you want multiple requests, please email us ahead of time at and we can establish a discounted rate.

Pre-Written Sponsor Articles

Sponsor articles, that are written prior to posting are accepted by the The Go Mamas Team. If you have a pre-written article, please email it to along with this Email Subject: “Your Company Name: Sponsored Article Title“, in the subject line.

Once payment is received, the article will be posted at a mutual date.If you are interested in purchasing a sponsored post on The Go Mamas, please fill out the Sponsored Article Request Form below:

Updated fees January 2017

300 words or less ($35.00)
350-500 words ($50.00)
550-700 words ($75.00)
750-850 words ($100.00)

All Sponsored Articles, tweets, posts or pins will have an appropriately and professionally placed disclaimer stating that the article or post is an #ad or #sponsored post listing, along with an appropriate FTC disclaimer. This is done to protect the client, our blog and our readers from any penalties.

Thank you,

The Go Mamas Team

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